Customer Data & Mail Lists

Customer Data & Mail Lists

Reaching the right people is vital to the success of your DM campaign and more importantly, your business

Our in-house database experts can help you:

  • Set-up a customer database
  • Store your data securely with backup protection
  • Update and manage your customer database
  • Mail list (existing or new) analysis and selection
  • Australia Post address checking
  • Tag your data, so it can be merged with your artwork to create personalised mail
  • Campaign tracking
  • Results analysis and recommendations

It doesn’t matter how great your offer is, how little it costs, how well it’s promoted or how quickly it arrives. If the recipient is not interested in your product or service, it will fail.

To ensure a successful and cost-effective campaign, you need to know who your customer is, what they like, and how to reach them. This means collecting as much data as you can.

What kind of data should you be collecting?

  • Customer Data – name, address, email, fax, telephone, birthday, gender, age, profession, income, hobbies, memberships, personality, values and lifestyle, etc
  • Sales Data – receipts, invoices, product purchased, amount spent, time/date of purchase
  • Campaign Data – product, offer, incentive offer, package elements, mail date, communications, response rate, turnaround, response options, etc
  • Product Data – make, model, function, cost, retail price, sale price, colour, size, etc.

How can your data help you?

A well-stocked database will contain valuable information, which can be mined and cross-referenced to help you identify many things. When done effectively, this can help you to:

  • Discover who your best customers are
  • Learn what products they like
  • Find out when and how often they buy
  • Identify their average spend
  • Anticipate their needs for better one-to-one service
  • Target the right customers for each DM campaign
  • Discover the most successful days, months or seasons to mail your campaign
  • Identify and market your strongest products and services
  • Reduce waste related to incorrect addressing, pricing, interests, etc.
  • Improve the effectiveness and response of your mailer, for better ROI

How can we help you manage your data?

Our team of data management experts can help you:

  • Set-up your database using a variety of leading database engines such as Oracle, Microsoft Sql Server, MySQL or the database of your choice
  • Store your data on state-of-the-art servers
  • Secure your valuable data
  • Set-up an active customer status-flagging system, so you don’t mail to the wrong people
  • Regularly check and update your data for name and address changes
  • We can help you receive and convert data from a variety of formats
  • Kanji and Romaji character lists processing
  • Search and cross-reference your data to measure your marketing strategies
  • Set up automatic data segmenting to identify and organise customers for acquisition, retention and reactivation
  • Matchback analysis of lists or databases to help attribute a sale to the most likely influencing channel (mail, web, email, etc) and/or stimuli (offer, list, price, reply device, etc)
  • Trade or rent mailing lists to businesses offering complementary products or services

How can we use your data to create a better Mailing List?

Screening, analysing and segmenting your data using the right criteria can help you select the right customers for your campaign. With an in-house mail list specialist and years of selection experience, we can help you set the strongest criteria for your list. We can also help you format your list so that it’s streamlined for faster processing.

We can help you:

  • Identify your DM campaigns specific target customer and segment your data accordingly
  • Cross-reference your mailing lists with Australia Posts ‘active address’ database
  • Cross-reference your lists with other databases for further verification
  • Merge your lists against historical customer data to enhance or segment your list
  • Ensure your addressing is standardised and optimised for postal processing
  • Acquire 3rd party mail lists for both profit and non-profit organisations
  • Tag your data for merging with your artwork to create personalised mailings
  • Key code each list for easier identification and tracking of your mailer specifics (i.e. products, offers, strategies, date, etc.)
  • Segment your list further to offer multi-channel support options where available (fax, email, web, telemarketing)
  • Post-campaign results analysis and recommendations for future list targeting

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