Mail Delivery

Mail Delivery

With years of bulk mail experience, we can help you get your campaign delivered faster and cheaper

Our mail services team can offer you:

  • Australia Post bulk mail preparation services
  • Postal address verification
  • In-house pre-sorting of your mailer for faster lodgement
  • IMB Intelligent mail barcoding for quicker Australia Post sorting and delivery
  • International mailing expertise and lodgement partners
  • Print Post (repeat mailing) discounts

As one of the states biggest mailers, we can help you save time and $$$$$… on every lodgement, and help ensure your mail is delivered as quickly as possible.

For over 30 years, we have worked closely with Australia Post to mail millions upon millions of items for our clients.

Our experience and extensive knowledge of bulk mail restrictions and procedures has allowed us to implement systems to streamline and fast-track delivery of your mailer and help you achieve maximum postal discounts.

We can offer you address verification, to help make sure your mail is delivered to the right address and you avoid returned mail. We can provide you pre-sorting services, to help get your mailer into the mail stream quicker and reduce the time required to lodge with Australia Post. We can also help you apply intelligent barcoding to ensure faster, automated sorting technologies that can be used by Australia Post when processing your mail.

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