Privacy & Protection

Privacy & Protection

Protecting your documents and data, and ensuring your compliance with consumer protection laws

Your privacy and protection security:

  • All employees are screened and sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Employees required to wear ID tags
  • Security monitored facilities
  • Fire detection systems

We pride ourselves on the security we deliver

Keeping your documents and data safe is one of our top priorities, which is why we adhere to such high standards of security.

ALL STAFF are carefully screened for their level of integrity and honesty and on commencement of their employment, are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. It is also a company requirement that all staff have name tags for identification and security measures.

ALL BUILDINGS that house your data and mailing materials are equipped with 24hr monitored security and fire detection systems, ensuring they are protected against theft and damage.

ALL SERVERS on which your data is stored are located in a purpose-built server room behind a passcode locked door, in a secure building. Access to these servers is tightly managed by our IT security experts and further protected by encrypted password security.

blue_quote_mark1    Confidentiality is our strength and commitment to you.    blue_quote_mark1

We can help ensure your compliance with the law

Our Compliance Program is committed to both protecting your privacy and ensuring that you don’t accidentally break the law.

We can advise you on Data Protection laws (local or international) governing the collection, use, transfer, protection and retention of your customer’s data, including storage in the cloud.

We can help you mitigate the risks associated with handling your customer’s data, by offering you professional management and secure, state-of-the-art storage solutions.

We can advise you on Consumer Privacy compliance, to ensure that your customer is correctly informed and aware of their rights and options regarding the use of their personal details.

We can also advise you on Competition and Consumer compliance, to ensure that all internal systems are in place, which will allow you to correctly meet your obligations for order fulfilment.